Very early on I became addicted to music. My parents had some vinyl records and I started to play them. There was also a filmmusic compilation record with a lot of film themes. I listened to the main themes of JAWS and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA again and again. We also had a vinyl single from ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST by Ennio Morricone, I was just a few years old but I fell in love with JILL‘S THEME and THE MAN WITH THE HARMONICA, the second one was and still is one of my all time favorites, it has this special kind of feeling and atmosphere that was totally new to me back then, it was fascinating.

Later I came in contact with my first movie, which is still my favorite movie and my favorite score, BACK TO THE FUTURE. The movie blew me away as a very little child, I just started the Kindergarten. I had always this theme in my head, especially the more dramatic CLOCKTOWER parts, it still captures me every single time.

The years went by and a lot of other music became part of my list, but film scores have always been my first choice. I don‘t know why and I can not explain it, but there is definitely some kind of connection between me and music. Music is to me a language, when I listen to some really good music it seems to talk, stories about emotions, stories you can not tell with words, only with music.

As a teenager I started to learn playing the guitar at school and a few years later the piano, but I don‘t like to play songs that are already out there, I want to create my own stuff, new stuff, music that I‘ve never heard before. I started to improvise on the piano and I became very satisfied with my first results, from that point on I started to learn all the musical stuff like harmonies, instruments, etc... on my own, bought some computer equipment to write my first demos and made myself familiar with orchestrating and arrangements.

Music is the love of my life, to me it‘s like a drug, I have to listen to music every day and I have to write my own music every day. There are so many ideas and emotions in my mind which want to come out, so many stories to tell, and if someone is listening to one of them and gets touched by it or hears it talk..., I don‘t know, it‘s just the greatest feeling there is.  


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